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Need Help with Steering


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Hi Everyone,

I own a 4 meter Seacraft Commander 400 Aluminium boat same as the Youtube link below.

The person I purchased it from replaced the engine with a larger heavier 40Hp engine however the boat is only rated to 30Hp max.

The problem I am having is that whenever I increase the power it begins to turn to the right so I have to counter steer to keep it in a straight line.

The boat is in very good condition and the steering works well out of the water so it is just when it is in the water and when I try to turn up the power that I get into trouble

My feeling is that I should be replacing the steering with a hydraulic but before I spend the bucks and not to mention the time I would be keen to get some feedback first..?



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Hi guys

Thanks for the advice.

Looks like it could be the fin...!

I just checked the position and if you are looking from the top of the engine down it is pointing at 5 o'clock.

I gather this is what is making the boat steer to the right under power.

Now the question is should I set the position back to 6 o'clock before adjusting any further what are your thoughts..? 


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Mine is set at 5 and goes straight, so for your I would start at 6 which means it's straight and the you may have to adjust it to 7 if it still pulls to the right.

also put a tape across the transom and make sure the motor is centre and level.

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Hi Jeffb,

I was just looking at this youtube video below it reckons if the boat is steering to the right then I should be moving the trim tab more to the right.

If this is the case then I guess I should be moving it more to 4 o'clock instead of 7 o'clock is that right..?



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I would sell that motor and buy a 30 to stay legal for your own good.All boats will steer well out of the water no matter what as there's no load,water pressure and speed put on the steering system and prop.They all suffer what is known as torque steer due to the rotation of the prop,water drag, etc which needs to be counter acted by adjusting the outboards trim tab a few degrees either to the left or right depending on the direction the outboards pulling towards.(Fwd powerful cars experience something similar also known as torque steer.)At the very least get that hull re-rated for the 40.


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Unfortunately you can not just get a hull re rated.  I looked into this and it would be big dollars. Not an option. I had a 140 on a 115 rated boat. I told the manufacturer and they said it was no worries and not dangerous as the Transom was made like a tank. I told my insurance company and they said they would insure it, so I was upfront. I asked the cops at the boat show and they said they would fine my arse if they caught me. So I put a 115 Cowling on it and happy days!! 

I have upgraded to a new 115 4 Stroke so no more cloak and dagger, and no more stink. 

Call the manufacturer and see what they say. Prob not a big deal. If it is a 2 Stroke then It would def not be a prob as a 30HP 4 stroke stroke will be heavier or the same as a 40HP 2 Stroke. 

But, if you created an accident or endangered someone even if it was not your fault I imagine you would be in the crap. 

Also when I did put the right motor on my boat it did make the boat better. 


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Thanks Everyone for your valuable comments.

I will try adjusting the trim tab first and see where this takes me.

If I cant get it right will consider to swap the engine out for a 30HP or change over the steering from mechanical to hydraulic probably the latter will be much easier.



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