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Spearing the monkey


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Around 2 years ago I was invited out to marlin fishing .  Up untill that point I'd been a pretty dedicated reef basher and inshore boater. This first trip was to become a turning point in my fishing.  I was instantly hooked (yes),  on the beauty of the open water and the chance to catch something huge.  We didn't catch a fish that day but I did catch a bug. Trip 2, 3 and more came and went with similar returns but the bug turning into an obsession.  2 years on,  hundreds of hours on the water and more money than I care to remember saw me fishing the port Stephens Interclub  My 3rd tournament this season.  There's not much to say report wise,  steady 27deg (hot)  at 110f no signs of bird or life. 

After a couple of hours I put a Bibless in the middle of the spread thinking it might help for a dolly of the bills went on,  30 mins on there was a big belt on the Bibless then nothing.  No vibrations on the rod tip so rolled in against no weight to find the leader sheered.  As I'm showing the cut to the skipper the shotgun fires...  A few seconds and I'm grabbing the rod waiting for it to drop.  But it just keep stripping line. 

The next few minutes were mayhem.  The reel just kept screaming whilst the rest of the crew pulled Teasers and cleared rods.  I kept thinking is it going to stop? .  The fish slowed eventualy and turned and suddenly I'm winding a 50w like a lunatic  slowly getting enough pressure back on the fish for the drag to give again.  It was like a gym session packed into 2 minutes.  Fortunately for the family jewels the gamble went on and it was time to relax into the fight. 

I'd managed to get back all the stripped line so the next stage was much easier than it could have been.  The skipper maneuvered the boat like a pro and before I knew it my mate had a wrap on the leader. Called For a spear fish it wasn't my marlin but a very welcome break to my Zeros. .  We were fishing tag so in it went.  But for all the speed of the capture ( maybe 10 or 15 mins,) it was a very green fish and as I stood behind the crew having not seen the fish I could only wait whilst they tried to get a grip on the fish knowing a photo was essential. ( yes yes but everyone deserves that rare photo) 

Finally a very angry electric blue fish was on board.  It was in my lap and photos with the same speed and expertise that the deck had been cleared. What I thought was one photo was twenty quick shots fortunately cos it didn't want to be held but 1 or 2 caught the moment.  Seconds later and she was back in the water and swimming away. 

High fives all round and we gave ourselves 5 mins to crack a beer before the spread went back out. 

The adrenalin genuinely took 30 minutes to slow dow

Job done,  she was big for a short bill and I was high on the achievement.. 

There's not much else to say except I now need the next one. 

If your thinking of game fishing a word of warning..  Its addictive.  

I'm back out tomorrow :)





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Awesome work Steve! I always say gamefishing is a lot of nothing time waiting for mayhem! But agh, what a rush! A big congrats on your first beak and a special one at that. I'm yet to add that to the list! 

Good luck with cotm! 

Cheers scratchie!!! 

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