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variety in the low water

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Decided to take the kids out for some sweetwater fishing this morning unfortunetly when we arrived it was obvious all the rain we have had was not up in the catchment the creek was down. Didn't take long for us to realise lures were not working they fouled up instantly on weed or any other stuff in the water. 

Luckily I had brought a bucket of worms in case the kids got sick of lure casting, not feeling confident when the first bait hit the water. As soon as it hit the bottom it was hit and out came a bass not big but atlrast a fish


the kids took over for awhile catching small bass and catfish having a ball enentually they let me have a turn.

And straight into the action


followed by 


The catfish were coming in freely


and then the line took off with far more force and after solid tussle out came a better catfish


Then a slow take and as soon as the hook set if was off all I could tell the kids was "BIG" eventually a massive eel came to the edge I'm guessing around 110cm he chewed through the leader at the edge and swam off- perfect release.

The last bait went out it was a small worm and was taken almost immediately and the line tore off at first I thought another eel then there was a huge flash of silver and turned out to be a massive mullet


not an everyday catch we had seen a few swipe at our baits 

as a dedicated lure fisherman it can be hard to go to bait but I am glad we did because it turned a potential doughnut into one of the best freshwater sessions me and the kids have had in ages

cheers for reading


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2 minutes ago, big Neil said:

Hey Dave. Are those Mullet the same as the ones you can catch in saltwater estuaries? Neil.

Nah, that's a freshwater mullet. You can tell by the shape of the head and the big, yellow eyes. 

Bully (sea) mullet have a flatter mouth and a more rounded head, and black eyes.


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9 hours ago, big Neil said:

Thanks Wellzy. I've only seen "poddy mullet?" which I've caught in a little plastic trap and used for bait for flatties. BN

"Poddy" is just a term for juvenile fish. Poddy mullet are juvenile sea or sand mullet (as juveniles it's too difficult to tell the two species apart).



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