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Georges River 15/04/17


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Hiya folks,

Figured after nearly losing the site, I'd make more of an effort to post some reports. I've been chasing bigger fish on heavier tackle and smaller stuff on the fly, but I thought I'd give the light gear a go today. It was a beautiful morning and I headed down to the Georges. Managed 5 fish in total: a bream, a luderick (foul-hooked, but a PB!), a whiting and a couple of flatties. Also got busted off by a monster tailor and a couple of follows by something bigger. It was an eventful little session, with everything taken on Powerbait crabbies with 1/16 and 1/20 jigheads.

Happy Easter!


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18 minutes ago, kingie chaser said:

Whereare you eating the fish?

If so just be aware there is a point on the river where it is not recommended to eat the fish from that point westward!

Just like in Sydney harbour 

No, I was just C&R, but thanks for reminding everyone.

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