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Middle Head - Sunday Morning on the rocks


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The weather over Easter in Sydney was nothing short of spectacular and went some way to making up for the atrocity that was March. With fine weather and spare time my wife announced that "we should do some walks". Now I've been browsing google earth for a little while now making a mental list of possible land based harbour fishing spots that might fit the bill for me when the weather turns cooler and when standing in the surf becomes less attractive than it was in Summer.  None of these spots will be particularly secret to any of the Sydney regulars on this forum but I needed an opportunity to eyeball them for access, safety and parking. I am generally compelled to fish solo (none of my mates have the same passion for this as I do) so the ability to fish solo in safety is primary. I'm a northsider but not a Manly resident and the thought of the parking fees between the Spit and North Head mean that's only an occasional option for me. I'd previously spied a few spots around Balgowlah but to park for free there's a bit of a hike. So what I was looking for was a park and fish option that give me access to quality fish but not at the cost of having to scale cliffs or brave ocean swells.

So when the opportunity do "do some walks" arose I had a surprisingly helpful list of suggestions ready to go. My main objective was to take a good look at Bradley's Head around to Chowder Bay and Middle Head. We parked in the streets above Clifton Gardens and walked down. Beautiful spot. Good facilities. Coffee. And about every amateur angler in Sydney cheek by jowl on the jetty. Keep walking.

Fortunately Middle Head presented plenty of opportunities. Every so often I'd duck off into the bushes looking for tracks down and if I found them I'd scramble down to look at the platform and the swell. I accumulated a ton of positive husband brownie points and at the same time must have found easily 4-5 good accessible spots. In the process I also apparently encountered every nudist in Mosman! They do like to get their kit off in that neck of the woods.

Anyway, long story short, this morning I got my first opportunity to get out to a couple of these spots and get some bait in the water. Arrived just after sunrise and berleyed up with a mix of prawn heads, prawn pellets and bread. Pretty much had the place to myself. Just one other fisho jigging unsuccessfully for squid and 2-3 other guys about 100 metres further down. Fishing with banana prawns for bait on a float rig I wasn't really sure what to expect. I thought my most likely catch was going to be bream and they were certainly there in numbers, but nothing legal.  Hooked up 2-3 good size leather jackets (tossed them back) and even a wrasse (a first), but the prize I was really after was rock blackfish. I'd caught luderick before but never their darker, heftier cousin. It wasn't especially washy with the low tide but the early start to catch the low light time paid dividends and I managed to hook and land this 31cm beaut. Sent him back to grow and catch again another day. No monster but still stoked to get him. As the morning wore on it was more small bream and leather jackets. There was the occasionally heavy run and a couple of bust offs but no more drummer. Not to worry. Headed home happy. Another targeted species to check off the list.


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2 hours ago, big Neil said:

Very crafty drc...pretending to share the wife's passion for walking and sussing out some fishing spots. Anyway it paid dividends for you and no doubt you'll happen to pass that way again. Good job. BN

Happy wife, happy life!

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3 hours ago, happypaintball said:

There are some nice ledges around there, one of my favourite spots to go to is around Middle Harbour and yes there are way to many people who like to show off their tackle and im not talking whats in the tackle box

It's amazing how many quality fishing spots also turn out to be nudist locations. Washaway, Cobblers, Obelisk, Reef etc. I guess we're all looking for the same thing. A chance to practice our personal obsessions away from the crowd.

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