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Beach session


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Change of location had me on the mid north coast. With a 2 hour opportunity I decided half a dozen beach worms would be enough to try for a feed on the incoming tide. With the worms in the bait bucket I started to fish at 4:30pm. The plan was to finish by around 5:30, get back for a quick shower in time to watch Dragons v Sharks over a couple of beers.

With a pattenoster rig I had a couple of double hookups with a few average size throwbacks. The final cast to use up the last of the worms resulted in another double with the 80cm+ JF the outcome. By the time I cleanup I missed the first 30mins of the game but under these circumstances I was not complaining. 



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39 minutes ago, Scratchie said:

Nice catch papa! The beaches are certainly productive this time of year! Where abouts on the mid north coast were you fishing? 

Cheers scratchie!!! 

Srcatchie, south of Crescent this time.

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