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Botany Bay - Wednesday


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Hi everyone,

Headed out in the bay again with my best mate who hasn't done much fishing this summer. Tides were small but we knew there was going to be little wind all day. So at the very least, a nice day on the water. 

When it comes to fishing with my mate enzo we have landed some unbelievable fish over the years in Botany Bay but he still hadn't landed a king as he fish mostly nights. 

Without sounding like a hero I think I boated 50 or 60 kings(loads were throw back rats) last summer in the bay and got plenty of people onto their first kingfish. For those who fished the bay would remember it as one of the better seasons. 

But the only two times I didn't lose a bait all summer was with enzo 

We launched from Kurnell around 9am after dropping the little man off to day care and head to a nice little spot we have la perouse.

It's only 3.5m of water and on a big 1.8m+ tide,fish super light,  at the right time of year have landed Jews (lost monsters), flathead, plenty of legal snapper, bream, rats etc.. 

Enzo wanted to fish bait there cause we always done well. But the sun was high and it was a small tide. But happy we did. 

I rigged up a blackfish rig for something different and casted back to the reef,  he fished fresh mullet strips and got the berley going. 

Not long after he landed a nice bream of 30cm, followed by 29cm snapper which went back in the drink. By this stage I couldn't re-rigging Fast enough. In the end the  berley had attracted hundreds of garfish and I think because of that we managed a nice squid, 3 flathead,all around 55-60cm, one bream and million travally which we didn't keep. All caught on mullet strips. 

I managed to catch a couple of garfish and we decided to anchor at molli point for only pickers.

it was nice 4pm and the sun was disappearing I suggest we anchor near the oil rig as it's on the way home. 

Loaded up the head of a big squid on 50lb braid, and a strip of squid on 15lb line .. and as expected the the light rod bucked and reel was screaming. After 10 minutes of fighting enzo boated his first king which was 70cm - 75cm sorry didn't measure it fully. I have a mark on my boat for 65cm and it was clearly over that. 

Literally next cast he was on again and brought up what I believe is a Samsonfish? Anyone confirm? I've fished my whole life in the bay and never seen one. It looked about 30cmish. In the end we threw back and happy with a pic. 

While we fished there for an hour garfish were jumping left right and centre of the boat getting smashed by some big really big  fish and a seal. 

Im guessing we were at the right spot when the school got chased through our baits. 

All in all an awesome day on the water Worh the bay still firing.

Going to try my luck again today without a decky. 

Sorry no pics on the bread and butter fish. I don't normally take pics but for enzo's first king there was a 1000 lol.

Thanks for reading  







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