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Land based squid fishing

Jonny C

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Hi guys,

very new to squid fishing. All the gear and no idea...so I'm hoping this site can help provide some guidance to some safe land based spots to target squid. I live in pagewood so I'm close to port botany, malabar, lapa,....please someone put me onto some spots.




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Hi Johhny,

I'm not really experience myself but I know that you need to find weed beds.

Yarra Bay - I haven't been here land based personally but there are lots of squid in the weed beds in the bay & ive seen a few targeting them off the shore. Looking at google maps, you can see some likely looking spots you should be able to cast to.

Land based have caught & seen squid at Taren point bridge (under the bridge at night particularly, but also various spots off the rocks & even the wharf), there is an abundance of weed. Look out for snags at low tide especially though. Good spot for a bream & especially flatties too for a change up.

Good luck.

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