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Port Stephens


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G'day raiders,

Monday morning and with the promise of better weather I was up before first light and hoping to get to my nice ledge early! Scouted it out and it looked pretty dodgy so I wait for better light conditions to access the scene! 

After much deliberation, I decided I was all rigged up and ready to go with safety gear, so I begin to cast! 

Didnt take long to land my first tailor, followed by a nice green back that pulled a ton of drag but as I tried to slide it onto the ledge a wave doubled up and I took one across the ledge. I held my ground but dropped the rod tip and it done me! A couple more casts and the wind and swell changed which made it more dangerous but I landed a second and thought a few more casts! With the next wave hitting my ledge it was time to go home and warm up with some brekky! At least I managed an hour fishing and some lunch as well. :) 


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