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feed and a lost lure


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The forecast was good and the  bar flat  so headed out the macleay to catch a feed things were a bit quiet so decided on a bottom bash. 

Ended up with a morwong a flathead  and 5 pearl perch. Then went for a troll  after about 15 min the rod with the small lumo pusher started to  scream. And the ocean out the back of the boat turned to foam  with a very angry marlin  about 60-70 kg  out of the water more than in it. 

The battle only lasted 3 min before the line fouled around the fish on one of it's  charges. I was just at the point of working out how to get a photo when the line parted. 

Would be easier if I hadn't been on my own. 

Will try again tomorrow. 


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Went out again this morning and headed north instead of South yesterday. 

Only managed four pearlies and a nice blue spott flathead 

no marlin or surface activity . Water is a nice 25deg which makes for a nice swim 

Haven't seen or heard of any mackerel.

Think the lack of baitfish could be the reason. 


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