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Port Stephens on the weekend


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Our plan to take 2 boats out to Broughton Island was cancelled last week due to the forecast, so we stayed at a mate's house at lemontree passage instead.  I've done the trip to Broughton a few times but have never really fished in the bay so this trip was a bit exploratory.  We found the fishing in the bay to be very tough.  My fallback species is flathead because you're always guaranteed a flathead around my local waters.  We didn't get a single flathead... 

Pumped nippers and got plenty of undersize whiting on Friday arvo whilst drifting likely looking areas and casting plastics for the flatties up around lemontree.

Saturday morning was our window to fish inshore and we didn't venture far from the heads.  I got this nice 62cm snapper on a plastic and we caught a heap of bonito, couta and some other ugly things.

Got blown off the water yesterday morning before coming home.  We also managed a couple of good blue swimmers and an average muddy in the pots over the course of the weekend.

This is the only pic because it was the only fish worth taking a photo of!


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2 hours ago, rickmarlin62 said:

Fri morn looks good baz  im tryin for lunchtime and stay the night..rick

Yeah, Rick. I’m hoping to get out on Friday. 1.8m SSE swell, abating. My only chance, I think. Back to work Saturday. ?

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Thanks guys, it was good exploring a new waterway, now that my friend has moved to the area I think there might be a few more trips in the future.

Procro, sorry I’m not the man to ask this question- never fished land based up there apart from bream off the Nelson bay breakwall

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19 hours ago, back cruncher said:

Hi all... Nice snapper tko1.


i could be up Broughton Friday myself.

Looks like you've picked a much better weekend than I did, weather wise.  Hope you get a few.

We definitely made the right call to cancel our trip out there.  Too risky in my 5m open tinny.  I'll just have to try again later in the season.

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1 hour ago, rickmarlin62 said:

am I going mad.? are my eyes deceiving me ?? I cant believe I have a comp weekend and its not forecast to blow 30 knots.???seabreeze says 10knots max fri evening.????.....ITS A MIRACLE..rick

Yeah, the wind should be OK. You should have seen the waves pumping through the heads yesterday and today! Jimmy’s Beach is eroding away. Fingal Bay is a washing machine! I’m planning to head out Friday morning but with SSE swells 2m at 5:00, I will have to take it easy. Won’t be cutting across near Yacaaba, that’s for sure!

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1 hour ago, Scratchie said:

Haha, I’d be very surprised to see the swell drop off like predicted. It’s thumping at my house! But if it does, I’ll see ya all on the water! 

Cheers scratchie!!! 

It just has to, Jeff! I’m going stir crazy! I need to get out there... good for the soul! If it looks too lumpy for Broughton, I’ll just poke my nose out and fish around near Boondelbah and Little Island, I guess... ?

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2 hours ago, Scratchie said:

Currently about 3m plus! Has definitely improved since yesterday :) 

I went out in the Bay today for crabs but did a run down to the heads to have a look. The waves were still pumping through on the north side of the entrance towards Windy Woppa and Jimmy’s Beach but didn’t look too bad on the southern side. I motored in close near the Lodge and just past the 1st gun emplacement. Worth a look tomorrow, I think.

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