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On the Hacking


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Headed out for a Australia day fish on the Port Hacking, I haven't been fishing in the Hacking in a very long time. Tried to get some calamari but nothing taking the lures, so spent a bit of time on the sand bar sucking up some nippers then headed off to have a crack inside the South West Arms. Caught 10 snapper best of them was 28 cm, all went back to do a bit more growing, still fun to catch.

Wife hooked something and over the side the rod went :o after about 20 mins or so I'm onto something with a bit of decent weight, slowly pull a trevally to the top but notice that there's 2 hooks in the Trevally. I take out hook number 2 and pull in the attached line (quite a bit there) wifes slowly winding line as I pull it in, fish that pulled wifes rod over is revealed as a Trevally and wifes rod back on the boat. Trevally went back in to fight another day.

After a few more good bites hooked into a 34 cm Whiting, a PB Flathead of 56 cm and a 34 cm Flounder. Young fella hooked into a big Shovel nose which took a bit of pulling in but his first big fish.

Over all great family day

Hacking 260118 004.1.jpg

Hacking 260118 008.jpg

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