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If only I was in Port Stephens...

Mr Squidy

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Hi Guys;

Anyone around Port Stephens ;


According to the Greenies, misinformed idiots et,c, .

The kingies are going to eat slow moving kids , dogs and anything that puts a toe in the water!:lol:

Anybody with kids tonight had better serve them a Valium sandwich for dinner to calm them down!

What a load of complete BS.!!

By the sound of it the East Coast this summer is lousy with the bloody things!!

Pity we cannot have an open season on idiots:angry:

Must go and consume a Boags to calm down'

Bottoms Up!!:-rolleyes


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15 hours ago, back cruncher said:

Hi all...i was up broughton onn tuesday,not a slimey to be found,heaps of yellowtail though.big schools of legal size kings and couldnnt catch one.

They’re used to eating pellets. Maybe try Dog biscuits as bait?

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27 minutes ago, skirulz said:

Are they still around worth making a trip from Sydney this weekend????

The lease area is closed up to and including 7 February so they can facilitate repairs and try and recapture the farmed fish. It is patrolled and they will send you on your way. If you keep out ofthe area you should be OK. You might pick up a stray but there are plenty of other fish to target.

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