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Spit Bridge Squid


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Hi Raiders,

Long time browser, first time poster.

Was hoping to get some advice on catching squid around Spit bridge. Are they around during the day or just around lights during the night?

Is it best to drift through the boats until you find them on Mosman side or Clontarf side? Would appreciate any advice  as i cant seem to find any but see reports of them being caught at "spit bridge"


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Hi mate, the area is known as squid ally, best if you can drift under the bridge trouble is the current is fast mostly arrow squid are caught there.  Night time under the lights has some good reports. I past a guy the other day about 6:am with three jigs out under the northern section with a electric holding him but he was working hard actually jigging rods and changing hands. Good luck have a go and tell us how it went


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