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Harbour Jews 5/02/2018


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Got to rosebay boat ramp around 3pm. Did not start off to well as I left the boat key in the shed back home which was 1 hour away. Luckily I have a pull start Yamaha also. 

Got in amongst the boats at rose bay for yellow tail as usual, but they were not there. My theory is the current and wind was strong. Never the less fished with baits near Clifton and the wedding cake closest to it. For not much result. Refusing to accept defeat, at around 5pm I headed back to rosebay to try again for yakkas to try and have livies down at sunset which was also a change in tide. Got to rosebay, and noticed swarms of baitfish on the sounder in amongst the boats. The yakkas were back!! Managed to fill the live bait tank up with 8-10 and headed out to a reefy  bottom near the first yellow bell as you go out towards the heads from rosebay. 

As soon as the first yakka hit the water, within minutes I was on, and landed my first jewfish at 73cm.

we continued on landing a nice tailor and several spat hooks with scaled or skinned yakkas, we knew the jewfish were on the hunt below us. At sunset with a little light left, my last yakka got smashed. After a short fight I winched it our slob for the night. My PB jew at 82cm. 

What started off as bit of a disaster with the boat key and no yakkas or fish for a few hours ended up paying off really well!! 




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Large running sinker, usually star sinker, then 50-80lb leader down to snelled large live bait hooks. Depends on the yakka size of the day. I landed two but lost 3 due to the hooks not setting. Big hooks are important but you need to decide once you see how big your yakkas are. 

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