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Whiting, worms and longshank hooks


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I’ve been targeting whiting, in the surf. Using frozen beach worms, size 4 worm hooks, light line and small ball sinker. I need to sharpen up my approach. Im wondering;

1. How much beach worm do you use?

2. Do you just thread the worm over the hook, or is there a smarter way to do it ?

3. Does it matter if the bulk of the hook shank is exposed. I find that after it’s been out in the surf for a few minutes the worm tends to simply ball up in the bend of the hook. Is this Ok, or are they wary of a long steel hook shank poking out?

4. Has anyone used the artificial worms by Gulp or whoever? Any success?

5. What’s the current thinking on the little red beads and tube. Anyone use them?

i appreciate all answers



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Hi Arron. I use enough worm to thread & then push up over the eye of the hook & then have about 1cm hanging straight down from the hook gape. I leave the point exposed. Try the Mustard longshanks with the bait holders on them. Once I've threaded the worm over the eye & up the leader a bit I do a half hitch over the bait & line, but not over the eye of the hook itself. This stops the worm from bunching up. I also use 30-40mm of red tubing above the hook.

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