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Where's Harry?


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Hi all,

Been a while since my last post.

I am thinking (weather permitting) of heading up to the Hawkesbury this  long weekend.

I was wondering if anyone has heard any Hairtail reports this year?

I will give it a crack anyway, but has anyone heard anything?


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Over easter we got one boatside about 1.5, and got snipped twice with plenty of runs, n landed  one about 70

all while targeting jews-no trace 😠🤣

was throughout the night near the rail bridge just off cogra

so their there!!

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Well thanks for the heads up.

I will probably limit myself to the usual haunts & take it all not too seriously.

Always a bit of fun if they are around & I really want to introduce my partner to the thrill of sitting in the cold for hours on end for a few minutes of frantic fun!



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