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Hairtail @ Waratah 18/07/20

David Wang

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Quick report on Hairtails from this weekend. I’ve been spending time targeting these fascinating creatures this time round and fished extensively in the usual haunts and other fishy locations I.e. Illawong and up Smiths Creek.


Generally I’ve found they’re on the chew from late afternoon till last light and from then on it’s few and far between. 

Location - Waratah Bay

Rig - Just followed what the Koreans used minus the float. I also used a multi-coloured flasher to cover all my bases in case they fancy one colour over another on a given night. 

If any fellow raiders feel the urge to share bit of info to where else they might hiding feel free to comment below 🤓


tight lines, will be out there next weekend again with another report. 




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