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Tuna Haul in Kiama Harbour 22nd of July


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Hi Guys! 

Not a fishing report from myself but I thought it would be nice to post.

Was down at Kiama on Sunday and was blown away by how many boats and fishers were out.

Not long after at around 2:00pm the boats docked in, and my god were they loaded with Tuna.

Unsure of the species but I believe they were a mix of bluefin and albacore from a distant. 

It was so exciting to see so many tuna and wished I was out on the water with them. 

the boats themselves were massive and loaded with trolling setups. 

It was nice to see them stroll up towards the shops heading home which made it a mesmerising sight to see as they were carried away into the sunlight with big old style utes. 

I could see the grins on the fishos faces, they were buzzing.

All in all a great day as an observer and thought I would let you guys know there are some nice tuna off Kiama. 


Cheers guys, I hope your all well and happy,


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