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Port Stephens Yellowfin 28-06-20


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Headed up with a mate from Sydney to my brothers place at Port Stephens to see if we could find some Yellowfin Tuna

We tried to work out what days would be best and decided on Sunday 

Interesting start to the day with torrential showers first thing in the morning while we loaded boat 

We could have almost cancelled - and as we headed up the bay from soldiers point the rain kept coming 

Conditions outside the heads were a bit all over the place but we thought we’d push through and see if it improved 

We got about 10kms out and things did improve- rain was behind us now and we felt the slop was decreasing so we pushed on - water around 17 degrees 


About 20kms and lots of birds showing up 

Some were concentrated and diving in so we thought we would put a spread out and work the area 

With no luck we decided to keep going 

We saw a marlin free jump for a bit so the lures go in again 

No luck 


30kms more birds concentrated and diving in one area 

Again, lures out and we picked up a striped tuna about 7kg 

We push on - water now 18.9 and we are about 50kms offshore 

Then we see what we didn’t think we would ever see- small schools of YF jumping and chasing bait - we couldn’t believe our eyes! 

The shotgun rod goes off 

And screaming run- after only a twenty minute battle the fish is boat side and we see colour 

We trade the big net for a gaff when it gets closer 

Approximately 45kg YF into the boat!! 

A first for all of us!! Big celebrations to say the least 

We put the lures out again 

15 min later another hit on the shot gun lure! 

Drops the lure after a screaming run 

15 mins later same rod goes off 

And a longer run and what seems a bigger fish

After 25 mins we get the fish boat side only to have it look at our ugly heads and take off again before we could get the gaff near it 

My friend on the rod is now sweating on whether we will boat this one 

(The first fish we got the hooks were only just in)


Now the fish is deeper again and another 15 mins using the current and the wind we work him back up 

After some nervous pep talks on being patient and making our gaff hits count we manage to boat this fish!! 


Approximately 60kg fish!! We are so happy!! 

One more of the crew- the captain- my brother hasn’t fought one yet so we make it our aim to get another 

Fish are still jumping but not so much bird activity 

We troll for another 30 mins 

No takers- it’s now about 2pm and we have about a two hour trip back so the captain calls it time- I say come on give it ten more minutes

5 mins later two rods are hit and lines are screaming- this time it’s the rods closest to the boat! 

We get the captain on one rod and I grab the other one 

Line is peeling and the spools are emptying - my bro manages to slow his fish up but mine doesn’t stop 

He has his fish close to boat sickles showing in about 10 mins!! We check the drag and it’s like it’s been set for pulling big kings off the bottom!

Anyway we get the fish boat side and I have now put my rod with fish on in holder as I got to help with leader and gaffing 

Just as I’m leading the fish up to gaff it takes off thrashing the hook pulls!


But my other mate has just sunk the gaff in!! Rescued! 

But he’s loses his grip as it’s thrashing and his hand slips down the gaff 

He’s losing the gaff and the fish as it’s thrashing- and yells out help 

I’m right there so take a grab at the gaff too and now we both heave the fish in 

More sheer delight for the crew of 3!! 

Then it dawns on me- the other rod, the other fish is still on!! 


This fish has all but spooled me- (I think I have 400m of line out)I cant move it - 50lb braid won’t budge it 

We decide to gain some line and work the boat back toward the fish 

This feels much bigger than the previous one 

We gain half the line- then a couple of big runs and the line breaks - this one will haunt me forever unfortunately. But time will heal 


We caught most fish in the profidgie lures- but two fish at the end hit a heavy 9inch bullethead pink skirt and a large purple Halco maxi hard body 

Water blue green 18.9

First fish 45kg

Second 60kg

Third 50kg 


We are so stoked to have all caught our first Yellowfin together - not sure we will ever see another day like it 

We’ve so many trips with nothing and now they have been removed with better memories! Golden memories!! 


Thanks for reading - get amongst it!!! 

first YF 2.jpeg

First YF.jpeg

YF hold.JPG

2nd YF.jpeg

2nd YF 2.jpeg

trip home.JPG

3 fish.jpeg

trip home 2.jpeg

feed off one fish .jpeg

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What an awesome report of the days events! Always nice when everyone gets a fish especially of that magnitude. It’s a fair effort travelling that far out not knowing if it’s going to be fruitful or a baron wasteland. I could tell your excitement when you messaged me. Glad you put up report! Well done Kent, very envious! 

cheers scratchie!!! 

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Thanks everyone for your comments

Must say at work this week just a little bit more spring in my step 

still taking it in and absorbing what happened 

Big thanks to my brother Andrew- the captain, who took us out and got us onto  the fish 

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What a fabulous read...I felt like a decky!!🤓

Congrats on the amazing fish and the one that got away must hurt but will no doubt be a good dinner conversation for a while. Nice work on the filleting, very organised teamwork!!

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