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Tough day on the Kingies


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A pretty tough day on the Kingies yesterday. Easy to get the squid and green eyes though. It seems that they are “hot” one day and getting 10-20 takes no time at all and tough the next and an hour or so to get 1/2 a dozen. I haven’t been able to work out why.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of catching up with “Blaxland” (hi Bill) at the washdown bay at Roseville (my usual launching area), the Fishraider brotherhood is Indeed extensive.)

I hadn’t been out to Longie for months and as the weather was finally agreeable - took a run out there. Unfortunately couldn’t entice any Seriola to come out and play, but we caught Samsonfish, Snapper, Tailor and the not so desirable  Seargant Baker.

it was a top day never the less.

No pics - sorry raiders.

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