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Thanks to Marine Rescue


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Launched at Parsely Bay and had a very bumpy ride out to the flathead area about 4nm out.

Caught a few flathead on pillies and cuttlefish going over a  spot which appeared OK. Then the motor refused to rev up.

Checked the prop and fuel feed and all was OK, waited a while to see if overheating was a problem but still no revs.

Gave up and called Marine Rescue who came out and towed us in.

While we were waiting put out the sea anchor so we would not go too far and could get going quickly when the tow arrived and drifted the right way back towards Barrenjoey.

Picked up a few nice flathead while waitingfish-8-12.thumb.jpg.a2f3fb3d3c73e7e065098d68d9e632de.jpg

Thanks to Marine Rescue for the tow.tow-home.thumb.jpg.530a9f0b8e29fac55b939ba7d4b95006.jpg


My mates boat had recently been serviced and once on dry land we took the cover off to find the same problem I suffered following my service several months ago.

When replacing the fuel filter on the early 75 Mercury is easy to knock the linkage slightly out of its connection to the throttle so after a bit of use it falls out and the motor wont rev. Same outboard mechanic serviced both motors.  I was fortunate the sea was kinder when I was out and I was able to increase the revs manually leaning over the motor while my mate steered to get back home. No way in todays seas. Manually increasing the throttle I dont think is a good idea as I think the timing is altered  by a different linkage, but some experts might correct me there.

My mate did 3 years on the job with Marine rescue at Cottage Point  so understands the work these volunteers put in.

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Just be aware tha marine rescue aren't the same as the nrma etc. They don't have to recover a vessel, only the people on it. We've had several marine rescue volunteers on our coxswain course who claim they are telling some boat owners to paddle back to the ramp. 

So if anyone breaks down it pays to be especially nice to the volunteers.

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