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New Fuji K series tangle free guides

Blockade runner

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Welcome to the forum @Blockade runner

You might have to be more specific for most of us on your intended use but I can only comment because I just received a Shimano Jewel rod for xmas which has Fuji K guides.

I haven't tried it yet but the rod was intended to be coupled with a baitcaster so the K guides were a deciding factor in being an anti tangle design.

If they can do what they are suggesting then it can only benefit you with any line but yeh it would most likely benefit braid as it is the line more susceptible to tangle over mono.

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Welcome aboard.

According to Fuji there will not be a problem with their new guides that includes Mono. Braid and Fluro.

I have a new Abu Garcia Rayrex 3-7kg and a Veritas 3-5kg rods and I use top of the line Mono all the time with no problems.


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I have K guides on most of my spin rods and haven't noticed any loss of casting distance since changing from regular, 90 degree guides.

What I have noticed is a lot less guide wraps on the guides 1 or 2 above the stripper guide. Since changing from double uni and albright knots to the FG, my guide wraps of any kind have become a thing of the past.

I should add, I use quality, 8 strand braid on all my spin outfits. 

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