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Lake mac


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Fished fri nite till after midnite  all day sat  in boat on lake mac  the jew wouldnt play for us  but ended up with 15 bream to weigh in in our first comp of year  i had one red 36cm  and my offsider scored a 46cm red on 6lb bream gear size 6 hook in 3ft of water  today i fished the rocks and caught 3 blackies in quick time then the dolphins moved in and that was game over  didnt worry with fotos of bream or blackies  ordinary weather with strong winds fri sat an rain sat morn  but good to be out on the water   hangin to go to broughton but happy to stretch a line


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Awesome to see this update on lake mac, my mate went out couple of weeks ago and caught f*all, due to the ash and the lake seemed dirty, looks like it may have had a decent flush the rain definately helped,

caught 2 small tailor last night under swansea bridge but nothing to write home about. 

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