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Peeping through bedroom windows


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Haha, new that would make you look!!!!....a few shots from my bedroom window and then a walk on the beach. The next couple of days should be interesting with high temps and forecasts of the wind and fire direction bringing the fires straight at us. The last few days have been slow controlled burns.

first ones are through the bedroom window.

















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13 hours ago, Blackfish said:

Seeing some of these pictures Jon and from Peeping I'm wondering where your window is ..... ummm, you haven't "left us"  have you.

Only Joking, hope all family and friends stay safe.

Haha yes still here, no pretty fires to watch last night after the water bombers hit the area so hard yesterday. Two more days of wind and high temps before I can escape to get another boat.

Pretty good location on the edge of Mummaga Lake, the first photo has a reflection on the bedroom window from the ensuite bathroom. We get to see eagles and goshawks in those trees in the foreground.



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