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  1. In particular look for green discolouration around the cable connectors and bends in the cable. This signifies a crack in the insulation and water getting in. If it happens the cable is ruined. This is true FOR ANY marine radio... well in truth- any 2-way radio. Bryant-F... the upgrade will be worth it. If you get the choice, choose one with DSC. Also, expensive radios just get you an expensive radio.... perhaps some 'extra' features, but if it meets Aust standards its a suitable radio, so shop around.
  2. GX600... IS NOT 27MHz.. its VHF. Call channel is 16... thats what the button '16' on the front is for... 27Mhz is 4 watts AM Gx600 is 25 watts FM... try it from your front yard... you may be surprised!!
  3. Dont get disheartened, this young kid is world class and the game is worth watching just to see him.
  4. I wonder what the hull looks like......
  5. Is it .. Kayak....... shortened to Yak.... then as a Yak is a bovine (sort of) animal.... renamed to a COW... (apt name for a kayak really...😁)
  6. I forgot to add..... "See... Australia does exist west of the Great Divide...."
  7. dmck

    Sea Fog

    Have been in a couple with visibility around 250m and sun position totally indiscernable. On both occassions, very experienced fishos swore black and blue the instruments were wrong, that their sense of direction was perfect... Fishos 0, electonics 2 ........
  8. Great story, great pix... glad you did it without a disaster (such as the tide flooding you whilst bogged)..
  9. I thought you were refering to my cricket prowess.................
  10. Yep.. I'm here! Streaky Bay has a decent jetty and nice beaches... and a great caravan park. I have only been to Fowlers once and its a beautiful part of the world. I dont recall a jetty but just about all the beaches face the Sthn ocean and carry salmon and mulloway. There used to be a charter there but I think it folded. SB is a 'major' business centre so everything is available.. at country prices.. Once you get past Ceduna you are at the mercy of the garages until you reach Norsman. generally light rigs (patternosta) for most fish but if chasing big salmon go a bit heavier. If you get on to the bigger beaches you may chase mulloway,- heavier gear needed. In the 'old days' Streaky Bay was the world centre for world record GW fishing, There is a garage in town with a model GW of a record catch.... see it.. and go swimming if your still game. Just north of Streaky is Smokey Bay, its a bit off the main drag and doesnt get many visitors-- but its worth a day or 2.. beautiful caravan park, big jetty, Only a small shop so take supplies. Years ago I was on a fishing trip staying at Acramans Creek (Northern end of Streaky Bay and a big estuary), was in the Smokey Bay shop getting more supplies and started taliking to a local. We told him where we were camped and he said " I've heard there is good fishing over there..." I said "Oh your not a local then..." 'Son... I've lived here all my life..." " Lived here all your life and never fished Acramans..?" "Why would I bother.. I can get everything of the local jetty..." I reckon you will be pushing to collect bait. unless you stop at road-kill and collect maggots (Known in SA as 'gents') but stand upwind if you do!! oh.. I've known people cut hunks of flesh off for bait... Most towns will have bait for sale.. and small fish make good bait. Theres usually plenty of squid from the jetties. Speaking of road kill..... be BLOODY careful.... apart from kangaroos, you may encounter wombats, donkeys and camels... and enormous road trains. I used to try and be off the road by 4.30pm to avoid the animals. Spending a few hours at Eucla is interesting, especially driving down to the beach.. its spectacular. Be careful as you cross the border... they are fastidious in checking your vehicle for fruit. Dump it - dont get caught. No fishing licenses in SA, but bag and size limits apply. check out https://www.pir.sa.gov.au/recreational_fishing/rules/species_limits Once you get across the Nullabor and in to SW WA you are in BIG forests. Pay attention to weather reports and fire warnings, from memory there are big stretches with no where to get shelter. Jut be wary and cautious. Hope all this helps. PM if you want to talk, I'll give you my mobile number. dmck
  11. Yeah.... well... I sit here and think how stupid you all have been... and then look at ring and index finger, left hand... where the chain saw 'got me'...... 2 weeks ago...... luckily (i'm tuff....😒) it was all only superficial- no stitches-still got fingers... Now that I think of it a bit more... thats the same ring finger that got caught in the 40ton wood splitter a few years ago..... and the one I had operated on for 'mallet finger' in my football days (around 40 years ago...) Perhaps it wants to escape my body......
  12. PLease explain..? As a Southerner I was brought up on AFL. Now that TV is national I watch a lot of RL and a bit of Union 2 things I just cannot comprehend about RL and I welcome an explanation. 1. Following a TRY, the defending team gets to kick-out. I see this as further penalising the defending team. They are just handing the ball back to the scoring team - in scoring range! Some form of neutral contest in the centre (scrum, throw-in?) or alternate kick-in-to play (again from centre- similar to Netball after a goal is scored) would be (to me) fairer. 2 A Scrum: There is no contest, 6 players from each side bend over touching each other. Effectively they are just removed from the immediate passage of play as the ball is rolled to the feeding teams advantage. Why bother? The effect is identical to a free kick. I welcome my enlightenment.
  13. Hey.. Paikea..... tell us and show us the old car in your rack!! Looks very interesting.
  14. Ah... the challenge of advancing years.. I've had hip-it-itus.... and I'm a future candidate for Knee-monia.... .. but its the thought of getting dick-theria that really terrifies me....
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