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Heads up TC “Uesi” heading for east coast

61 crusher

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Just had a look at Fridays synopsis chart on seabreeze & it looks like tropical cyclone Uesi is going to be running down the coast from around Brisbane and according to a computer weather generation of the cyclone someone showed me today It’s staying off the coast & possibility making its way down as far as Sydney with another one following it further out to sea, fingers crossed 🤞 it doesn’t eventuate 

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I just looked on windy, they have it heading parallel to the coast, few hundred km. with it scraping along coffs, bringing coastal rain and wind on ECMWF model.  

shouldnt see much more than a slight breeze anywhere south of coffs. not much rain in it too it seems

looks likes surfs up this weekend. couldn't find the second system behind it though.

Gfs has it stayling clear of the coast then heading into the cyclone graveyard (between aus and nz)


hope it dose stay clear as the models say. most of nsw isnt built for a tropical low sitting very close to the coast if worse comes to worse

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4 hours ago, JonD said:

Hope it's not to bad where my daughter is about 90km off the Whitsundays. She's supposed to be out there until Saturday but out of phone range, so can't find out how she's going.

By Thursday night it’s no longer a cyclone & the low is moving south rapidly, by Sunday it’s off the southern tip of the South Island of NZ

With her skills I’m sure she’ll be fine

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