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Beardie Fish


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Out from Sydney and caught a fish that no one on board had encountered. The beardie was identified by referring to an on board book. The muddy water and strong currents made for a difficult day out from Manly and Freshwater. Nevertheless, eight of us weighed in a mixed bag of 22 kilos (cleaned). 



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Pretty common species, not much good for anything, very slippery and tend to poop out what looks like concrete when grabbed to remove hook, I do know a guy that eats them, but to me, they fit it in "ugly fish" category, and just get tossed back, along with old boots (Whirra cod) and butchers  Red Rock Cod, Pike and other assorted vermin.

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I’ve caught a few years ago mainly at night off the rocks, called them bearded ling or beardies, if we felt like  a feed & had a fire going we’d dispatch it & throw it on the coals then peel back skin & remove gut (shriveled & size of 10c piece) they had a succulent & delicate flavour 

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