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Pink nippers in sydney


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Hey raiders,

Guess this one is more of an inquiry than anything else. 


I usually fish around the canada bay area in Sydney harbour / parramatta river and I've noticed a lot of nipper holes on the flats when I've been wading. There are signs about it being an intertidal protected zone and that collection is illegal for certain species, but they fail to mention nippers specifically and only say "other inverterbrates", to which I'm also stumped as I'm unable to find anything online stating that they are inverterbrates.


If collection there is illegal, where would be the closest spot that I should head to? It's fairly straight forward to find out which areas are and aren't intertidal protection zones, but not all areas would hold yabbies. Does anyone have any suggestions of areas I should be targeting closest to the inner west?


As always thanks in advance. Tight lines

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Email or give them a phone call for clarification, my guess is you can’t take crabs (exoskeleton) so yabbies would be a no go either, when I lived around the dude area many moons ago I’d get yabbies on the south western foreshore of Pittwater & then fish the Hunters Hill peninsula, Lanecove or Parra river in the evening (less pickers) another option could be main-bar on the southern side of the hacking near Bundeena 

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To my understanding no collecting of nippers anywhere inside the Sydney harbour waterways or upstream.

To your other question: North - Pittwater sand flats (plenty near roads) or South - Dolls point beach sand flats.

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