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Outside Port Hacking


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Due to all the boats buzzing around Port Hacking, I tried another day outside.

Threw a squid jig at a few places for nothing. I spoke to a young bloke near Jibbon, he had one bonnie on a lure and 2 bite offs on soft plastics before sun-up.

I headed out the back of the bombie and bottom bashed in several spots for plenty of spikies and only 1 small blue spot. I tried south from there for only spikies, then moved to Little Marley where I found a patch of blue spots. Just a slow drift, but I reached my bag limit, and, none that were undersized. Best about 48cm, and I dropped a good one at the boat, looked near 55cm. 

Not too much drift, little swell, and headed back before the nor-easter turned up.



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6 minutes ago, kingie chaser said:

Very nice bagging out 👍

School hols finish this weekend so in theory it should be quieter so Im looking at heading out one day next week.

Need to try my new sounder plus exercise my mind. 

I'll be happy when the kids get off the water, though probably not all going back to the classroom.

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2 hours ago, kingie chaser said:

 but if they are home schooling like they are supposed to they wont be on the water,

You and I would like to think that, but, there are parents who don't give a shite. 

we will see next week. 🙂

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