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Cleaning up on the flathead at the local - First report 22/04/20


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Hi Raiders,

This report has been a long time coming as the fish haven't been very cooperative over the past months, this is my first report and I have been holding off making one but here I go,

Me and @SaltyGreek decided we felt like a feed of fish from the local, the spot itself being 5 minutes away from our houses on the Beautiful Georges river, we fished squidgy soft plastics along the river bed doing little hops and slow retrieves to get the fish to bite. Only 3 casts in SaltyGreek managed to land our first legal flathead of the session being about 42cm, in the bucket he went. Another 3 minutes goes past and yet another flathead caught by myself this one was similar in size to my mate, measured up to being a legal fish in the bucket he went, another 10 minutes went past and SaltyGreek's little brother hooks up to the biggest flathead of the day at 45cm to add to that it was his first fish on a lure and he was stoked. Another 10 minutes went past without a bite and boom! I felt the lure get smashed on the drop and yet another flathead on the board however this little flathead was undersize but just a centimetre but went back to grow a little more. Another 30 minutes passes and another legal flathead goes in to the add to our already awesome little feed of fresh fish. We got one more 40cm flatty to the bucket to add to the bag, another 20 minutes goes past and another flathead smacks the lure for another fish in the bucket at a size of 40cm.

At the end of the day we had a plentiful feed of 5 flathead for four hungry fishos keen for some food. Heres some photos of our catch: 




Overall a good day of fishing after a slow couple months I think we might be going back to the spot for a fun day out with mates and fishing, I think i'll have another report coming soon so stay tuned! At the end of the day the score board numbered 2 legal one undersized SaltyGreek, 1 legal 1 undersize JamoDamo, 1 legal SaltyGreek's brother and finally 1 legal for SaltyGreek's cousin. Expect to see a few blackfish reports during winter as the other species go into hiding so wish me luck! Wish you all well in your next fishing adventure!

Cheers, JamoDamo

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