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Fish moulds-fish mounts-fish replicas- wall art


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Hi raiders
Just thought I would open up a subject that may appeal to the anglers and lovers of fish out there
When I was a young lad my stepdad caught a striped marlin off the coast of Tasmania - St. Helen’s, around 130 kg (pic included) Yes thats me in the beautiful bright blue trackies
I was on the boat and have never forgotten the experience - it made the local newspaper and after catching this fish of a lifetime for my stepdad  - we sourced a mould of a striped marlin of similar size
Having it up on the wall was always a memory of what could happen if you got out there and wet a line!
Now 25 years on I still admire the beauty of fish and the replicas that great artists make I was always on the look out for buying another replica of a marlin - and one day I found one on gumtree - it ended up being a real bargain for the quality of the fish mount - (I remember not really having the money to spend but made it happen and have never regretted jumping at the chance- much to my wife's displeasure!!)
It also coincided with being able to catch my first marlin, solo off Sydney- not as big as the replica I bought though!!
I thought I would share a picture of my most valuable piece of art in the house!!
I’m also interested in what other raiders out there have on their walls and in their man caves!
Thanks for reading and look forward to seeing your own pieces of art!!
Stay safe!

12-02-15 135.JPG




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Ah ha don’t we all have one of those on the wall??

swordie caught this his first Black Marlin in 1991 and had it mounted by Fred Montebello. 
Just last week I was on a Zoom meeting and it was in full video view behind me. It became a real talking point ;)

Your one looks like a Montebello work too. 


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Wow - that’s made my day seeing another cool specimen on the wall 


thanks for sharing - that looks awesome 


I was starting to think I was the only one! 

yes with all the zoom meetings it’s prime time to have one in the background!! Ha ha 

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My first yellowfin and marlin were both mounted.

The work Fred Montebello done on my marlin is the best work i've seen. The old man also had his first done as a head mount and a friend had a 91kg black done.

The yellowfin is hanging in the outdoor area now. The marlin is still in the garage

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