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Video of Hairtail filleting (thanks Chris)


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Well I don't know the fish so I don't know whether its all bone or not or how much work is involved getting the meat off it, if there is any?


I guess I'll find out when I catch my 1st one 😁

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For me, I cut it into sizeable chunks! I do remove the chrome as much as possible. Then I pan fry it after a light flour. Then I make an Asian sauce of soy, ginger, oyster sauce, fish sauce, red onion, shallots, sweet chilli and a touch of garlic. Once the fish is cooked I add the sauce to the pan, just to heat it only. Then serve! 
Doesn't taste to bad. Haven’t tried them any other way! 
Yes there are plenty of bones, back bone an lateral bones but you can pick through them without too much fuss! 

cheers scratchie!!! 

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