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Bate Bay


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Headed out Tuesday night with my mate in his boat, to his fishing spot.

Not much swell, a breeze from the N/E but fairly quiet. Mate pulled up a just legal reddie, plus some unwanted bait stealers - banjo, shovel nose and an eagle ray.

I pulled out a squid on one rod, then the other rod buckled over, so I dropped the squid and net onto the floor. Played the fish for a while, then finally up top to see it was a Gummy Shark, easily a metre long. I asked my mate for a net, as I thought I would give the Gummy a try on the plate, and he hands me a piss fart little net. Half the Gummy fitted into the net, then it jumped out, kicked again in the water and busted off.

I was not happy, cursing and swearing, then my rod dropped out of my hand into the water. #@^&*#*  happens. Over 50 feet of water and the boat swinging about on anchor and just after sunset.

The handle on my mate's reel snapped off, so we were left with one rod each. Fished unweighted baits and pulled out the tailor, from just over legal to 45cm. Now pitch black, my mate said one last cast, and his bait sunk to near the bottom, he hooked up probably a small reddie, then he said the fish became heavy and was fighting strangely. He had hooked my rod off the bottom and pulled it on board. 😲 (we don't drink while fishing) The hook was wrapped around the middle of the rod. Talk about a fluke catch, then he said, finders keepers 😡 (that won't be happening)

I brought the rod and reel home, soaked the reel in a bucket of fresh water for a while, then opened it to allow it to dry. Last weekend I applied reel oil to all of my reels, so hopefully that will help it. Will dry the rod and reel in the sun tomorrow. The rod is one piece, and the cap on the butt end is removable so drained water out of there. Not an expensive reel, hopefully it will last a bit longer.


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6 hours ago, Scratchie said:

Just one of those days yowie! Nice catch but no photo of the rod and reel caught? Haha 😂 Bloody oath finders keepers! 🤪

cheers scratchie!!! 

Over 50 feet of water, and my mate hooks up the rod, no sinker used. 🤩 I thought he was playing a joke on me, then realised it was mine, not his, no finders keepers B.S. 🤣

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1 hour ago, Welster said:

How good is that.  Shame about the gummy I'd like to catch and try one out too. 

Not happy that it busted the line, probably what annoyed me most.

At least the rod and reel came back. Have now cleaned and sprayed it, the handle turns well and all parts are moving, and most importantly, I don't have any bits left over after putting the reel back together.  🤣

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