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jewfish in summer

Burtos fishing

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Hi Burtos Fishing,

Your question is very open ended and as you can see from the response from kingie chaser, is one that will not be taken too seriously. I must admit, i share kingie chaser's views.

There's no real shortcuts to becoming a good fisher EXCEPT for having someone who knows what they're doing take you under their wing and show you.

Even then, it's really a matter of getting out there, having a go and thinking about what worked and what didn't: tides, winds, time of year, bait, technique etc etc.

Work out what style of fishing you want to do: boat/land based; what fish you want to target; do your research on techniques, baits etc and over time, with continued experimentation you'll work it out.

One bit of advice I think is crucial is to settle on fishing locations that are close to home.

Really, there are no short cuts, you just have to put in the time and effort. When you do, experienced fishers will see your work, see that you are fair dinkum and start to help.



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1 hour ago, Burtos fishing said:

hi guys,

can you catch yakkas flathead bream and jewies in summer at brooklyn

regards riley

Sorry dude couldn't help myself. 

I now see that your 14 years old & after a bit of help, I can relate to that but you need to give a bit more info.

Land based, boat based etc.

I dont know the area that well but there is a lot of info in here on the whole Hawkesbury area to read so you just need to be a bit proactive.

If you want to catch bait, then look for protected areas, even structure like pylons/peers etc

Jews like holes & areas where eddies form.

Flathead, catch then pretty much anywhere.

But at the end of the day what I said does ring true, do your research on individual species habitats, rigs, baits etc but at the end of the day you just got to get out there, scope the waters & throw a line in give it a try.

Use the search tab here to get specific areas & info, just like google.

I see you have already asked the same question-

Just do some reading mate, the reality is we cant do all the work for you.

If your looking for a fishing mate for guidance then maybe put a post in here



Good luck @Burtos fishing


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