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Hawkesbury mud crabs


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I put the mud crab traps out last week. It’d been way too long since I’d had a feed of crabs, and from all reports, they’ve been on fire in the Hawkesbury in the lead up to Christmas.


Dropped them in about 10pm at low tide and left them in for the high tide overnight. I was a bit apathetic checking the traps in the morning as I’ve retrieved many an empty trap from this location. I was pleasantly surprised when the first trap revealed a legal muddie. I was ecstatic when the second trap had a very decently sized one as well.


I cooked the big one up using a chilli mud crab recipe found on this site - delicious. The smaller one, I boiled in sea water. I wanted to answer for myself the age old question of how the muddies compare to blue swimmers.


After preparing the smaller muddie the same way I do for the blue swimmers, I can say that I found the muddies just as nice as the blueys, and obviously with more substantial meat. The crab was cooked and cooled in salt water, so it had a pleasant sea taste to it, but not too salty.








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