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Hot and cold fishing to end the Trout season.


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Trout fishing is what got me hooked on fishing so to speak, well over 20 years ago now.  However I had actually never fished one of the famed snowy mountain spawning runs until this year when I had my first hit out in the Jindabyne region.  The weather forecast was dismal, and I nearly didn’t pack the rod until a colleague from work pointed out that the forecast squalls and storms would likely only fire the fish up.

I was principally in town to visit family following easing of Covid restrictions, so fishing was a secondary objective based around that.  A window came up late on Saturday afternoon and I took it, heading out to the Thredbo river at Gaden Hatchery to try my luck.  Right as I got there, a good old fashioned thunderstorm hit and I sat in the car for a full thirty minutes to wait it out.  It eventually eased enough for me to head out and start quite a decent walk through rain to the water you are allowed to fish above the hatchery. 

I hadn’t been at it long when a stonking brown hit my lure in quite skinny water.  He made a good account for himself and I was absolutely stoked to get him in.  He was a PB for me, and came in just under 50cms long.  Quite skinny though – and was soon on his way.  Apologies for the poor photo – I was by myself and didn’t have time to frame it.

I fished for another thirty mins after this and had a couple of hits, and also landed a small 30cm brown who wasn’t pictured.  By this stage my hands were so cold I was starting to have trouble reeling in, so I decided it was time to go home.  The weather was freezing, still raining and I was the only mug out there!  So I went home for a hot shower and a beer.

The next day was beautiful, It was Sunday and we were heading home but my partner was keen for a bit of a drive and some light fishing.  We set our sights on Guthega as she wanted to show me the area, and we stopped at the snowy river along the way.  Before long I was onto another stunning male brown.  This one was about 42cms but with beautiful markings.  He had a great fight and was released and on his way to carry on his spawning efforts.

15 minutes and one dropped trout after that, I landed my fourth fish for the weekend.  This one was very dark and in better condition, although the photo doesn't really show it.  He came in around 45cms and put up a raging fight.  He was also released and I folded the rod up to carry on driving – 2 beauties landed and one dropped between 12 noon and 1pm. 

We hit Guthega and by this stage I knew the fish were on.  I saw the dam completely surrounded by snow and nearly chickened out – however I suspected I would regret not trying my arm.  I trudged down to the water (which took longer than expected) and carefully approached the edge.  The water was ridiculously clear – impossible to describe.  You could see meters and meters through it.  Sure enough, there was a lovely small brown holding beyond a rock.  I made three casts at him and thought he wasn’t going to take it – and then on the fourth he belted my lure. 

Following this it started snowing lightly but I fished on.  I had another hookup on a stunning brown, the colours on him were incredible.  He was around that 40cm mark and got off at my rod tip.  I fished for another 15 or 20 minutes and had a follow in from a horse that looked about six inches across his back – but he didn’t strike.  By now it was below zero and my partner was patiently waiting up at the car so I thought I better head home after an unforgettable snow fishing session.

And the cold?  I wasn’t just referring to the weather – this weekend just gone I hit up the same areas with the same techniques for a big fat donut.  Didn’t get a bump!  But that’s trout fishing and that’s what keeps us coming back. 






PB Brown.jpg

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Hi Crusher, yep thermals and beanie for sure! Although the thermals weren’t much chop on closing weekend when i got distracted and walked in too deep and flooded my thigh waders! Christ that was cold.

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