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  1. What a legend. Must be a strong little guy. High five!
  2. Champion effort! Sounds like we are cut from the same cloth. I regularly tell my fans if I choose the location and method you're going to catch eff-all fish. Take me on a charter with a great skipper and I'll catch fish for dayz. Go figure?? 🤔
  3. What an epic trip! Take me with you!!!!
  4. What a day! Kids look stoked. Great report and photos 👍
  5. Nice work Blaxland. Sounds like a fun day and some mischief had 👍
  6. Big congrats on you and Junior becoming a grandfather and father. Great write up and smashing photos 👌
  7. Oh my 🥺. Post level 💯. It's time to up my post game with some guest commentary from Rex Hunt.
  8. NFI JC. I'm a newbie to the coast so everything is a new catch for me 🤣
  9. Nice work on the flatties Scratchie Junior
  10. Nice work Kiwibrown. Stonker flatty!
  11. Howdy Fishraiders Got up at 5:45 am this morning and humped it over to Putty Beach to chase some Tailor and Salmon. So good to get out for a fish after a week of terrible weather. The swell was still pretty high and the waves were 2ish metre still. The Northern end near the rocks looked a little calmer so I headed down that way. Other than it being a bit rough it was a beautiful morning. I was fishing my surf spin rig which is a Shimano Classix Surf Spin 10' 6" with a Sedona 5000. I was running 20 pound braid, 30 pound leader, running sinker and ganged hooks. Pilchards were the fish snack served! I'm pretty new to surf fishing so my ability to read the beach is still pretty novice. I eventually found a nice hole (once it got light enough to see) and settled in for a 4 hour fish. Caught four, got busted off once and dropped 2 within eyesight. I'm finding I have a disturbing habit of getting the fish visible then they pull a Houdini act. Todays catches were 2 Aussie Salmon, 1 Bream and a Dart. The bream was lunch...oven baked in lime, sweet chilli and ketjap manis wrapped in foil. It was great! Cheers Luke aka LucaPalooka
  12. Nice work Sea Cur. That cod looks like a keg with fins! Awesome work and glad to hear you are back on the water after what sounds to be a tough period. Keep punch'n slugger!
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