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Got out on Friday for another session on the Nambucca, I figured with the good weather it'd be rude not to go fishing. Again a slow start working some of the deeper areas with a soft vibe, found a bit of sunken timber on the sounder stacked with bait not much action on the soft vibe so swithched to a small blade and straight away a nice flattie


went 57cm, ended up with 5 flatties from 6 casts, with the doughnut busted headed upriver to fish the timber. It was a pretty slow start upriver the bream just weren't playing the game but kept flicking plastics along the edges, pulled the plastic into a school of mullet trying to tempt a bite and it got eaten thought it was a mullet at first turned out to be a GT.


Not a bad fish to keep the day moving, with the plastics on the edge not really producing switched to the blade woring a bit deeper, didn't take many casts for it to get monstered on the drop the fish took off like a train it was a difficult fight  on 6lb had to palm the spool a couple of times, thinking a good trev I should have known better


another good black-spot he went 42cm, they're becoming quite a common catch this year. With the afternoon being warm and catching an active cod thought I'd bust out the jack gear and work a bigger hardbody around the timber and rockbars hoping for an active jack. The GT's started coming aboard


most of the bigger trees had mid 30's trevs schooled up on them also got a couple off a rock bar, coming onto a snag I had high jack hopes on placed a perfect cast and the lure was almost immediately the teeth shattering hit and brutal run got my hopes up of all things red, finally when I had the fish out in open water realised it was a trev P1010337.JPG.3a329fbb33a4cc8b8e02fa58112f60c7.JPG   

a nice 42cm model certainly ut up a hell of a fight for his size. Caught a few more flatties on a rockbar then finished the session with a lone bream working some flats near the ramp.

Ended up with plenty of fish for the session seems flathead, bream, cod and trevs are a standard fishing session at the moment hopefully it won't be long and jacks will be added to the list again.

cheers for reading 


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