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Kingie Donut at Longie (Friday 11th Sep)


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All I can really say about Friday is urgghhhhhh. Took a mate out who hadn't been fishing for about 3 years (fool had a 3rd child!). Options were stay in the harbour and fish structure or head out to Longie - targeting kingies. Conditions were predicted to be reasonable, particularly the swell. After a late start (kid drop off) we headed to one of the usual livey spots in the harbour. In 45 minutes we only managed one horse yakka. There were a few around (though not schooling hard) but were not interested in our tiny bits of squid. Headed to livey spot two near north head. Much more productive, but again the yakkas were HUGE. Not the kingfish candy we were looking for. Luckily enough the trevors were also schooling so we managed to pick up some dinner - not target species but at least something in the bin.

Once we had a modest number of liveys we headed out to Longie. Conditions around north head were a little sloppy but that isn't unusual with the bounce of the cliffs always making it interesting. We continued to Longie and unsurprisingly were the only boat there. It was horrible. Super short period waves just making everything hard. My mate went green but we soldiered on for about 2 hours with not a touch on the liveys. Got a couple of pinkies on squid strips just mucking about. Called it after that and headed in to a drift off Manly. Queue amateur hour. Tangles, lost octo-jigs (brand new) and basically a lot of time not fishing in the slop. Headed back in tail between out legs and very few words being spoken. 

Safe to say we should have stayed in the harbour - nothing dangerous, just not fun!

Anyhow, just one of those days. I think I owe my mate a better trip than that next time........





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