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Tohatsu 30hp 2 stroke wont change into forward gear after impellor change. Please help.


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Hi All, 

Changed my water pump impellor tonight on a Tohatsu m30h (30hp 2 stroke tiller steer) - which of course means the shift linkage was seperated and lower unit off. 

After re-assembly, when i click the shift lever into forward it seems fine, but then i spin the prop the lower unit makes a tick tick noise and does not turn the motor. 

Neutral and Reverse appear to function fine. 

Any ideas ? i was careful when I put it back together and the shift linkage was almost perfect lined up before slipping the spring pin in. 

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26 minutes ago, motiondave said:

Sounds like the linkage is not connected properly

Or it could be connected but just not adjusted properly?

They normally have an adjuster nut/coupler & if not adjusted correctly it could either not select the gear at all or just be partially engaging so imo you need to just make adjustements until it fully engages.

You dont mention the year model but for memory your Tohatsu is most likely the same as a 30hp mercury & your linkage probably should look like this but depends on the year??



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thanks for the replies raiders, much appreciate the photo too. 

Its a 2011, doesnt appear to have adjustment at the linkage point. 

Also I think there might not even be a problem. 

I was checking if it was in gear by selecting forward on the shift lever, then spinning the prop clockwise (aka the way it would spin when in forward). This does not turn the engine, the lower unit just ticks. 

When i put it in reverse on the gear select lever and then turn the propellor appropriately it does turn the engine. 

Is it possible the prop shaft has a free-wheel type feature (like a bicycle hub) and ive just never noticed ? (10 years of boating, 3 years with this outboard). 

I tested this theory by putting the motor in forward, disabling the lock which prohibits starting in gear, and pulling the cord. The prop spins fine. 

Everyones thoughts is much appreciated ! I feel a bit silly now. 

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