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The only  access to the river is by Kowmung fire trail or walking , should also mention most of the area was burnt twelve months ago. If you want to fish the spawn run need to walk as the waterfalls downstream from Molong Creek  prevent the fish moving up to the more accessible part . 

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You walk in from Narrow neck or Carlons farm, end of Megalong Valley to the lower Kowmung. A long way.

( you have to cross through Warragamba  prohibited area to access this way)

You can also walk in from Uni Rover trail on Yeranderrie road. A long way.

You can walk in from Kanangarra walls and down First Top. A long way.

You can walk in from Yeranderrie along Scotts main range and drop down. A long way


Not sure why you would want to go in there, especially this time of the year.

Last spawn run was poor even though Dam was high and river levels high. They did run but not for long and not big fish.


I might have a look further up where access is better. Resident browns if season is reasonable. Very hit and miss though.

PM me if you want more info




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The Kowmung River trail (road) was closed when I looked in November. Long round trip from the Sutherland Shire to find it closed.

Access to the river via the gauging station passes through and terminates in prohibited area as Centrepin mentioned.

You can also access down Wheeney Whungee Creek, but you need to be able to abseil!

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as someone else said... big walk. I assume the trail you're talking about is the one off the scotts main range road? If so, you have to walk along that road a long way before you get to the road down. No matter which way you go, if you do think of hitting the middle kowmung, go prepared, don't go alone and take an epirb. 

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Kanangra Boyd National Park only reopened very recently ( closed due to 2019/20 fires). This might mean some of the fire trails might now be open. Its likely some specific areas might still be off limits. I struggle with the NPWS website.

I'm pretty sure you can still access the lower part of the Kowmung via a bushwalkers corridor. You would access this via either Narrow Neck or Carlons Farm. Maybe call Oberon NP office to confirm exactly where this corridor is. There would be no fishing or camping in the exclusion zone which includes the very lower part of the Kowmung and you would have to stick to the corridor (if it still exists).

In decades past I walked in the area regularly (before I started fishing). My recollection is that any access from Scotts main Range involves a very long walk on a fire trail (not even allowed a pushbike). I think there would be relatively easy access via Dingo Dell(?) the campsite near Tuglow Caves. This might still be shut because of the fires though.

You can access the middle part of the Kowmung from just about any spur going of the Gingra Range. All will involve a bit of a walk. From memory the least physical routes include Roots, Hughes and Brumby. Walking all the way down Gingra Ridge takes forever but is probably the flattest way in around here. 

To access the Kowmung around Christy's creek is generally tough going. Walking over Cambidge Spire involves a really steep final descent ... old school bushwalking. The Colyboyd Range is tougher again and may require a handline to get down the steep bits. You could probably go off the Colboyd Range down a spur to the junction of Christy's and Wheengee Whungee creeks relatively easily. Back in the 90s I saw some big fish in this area. I'm not 100% sure you are allowed to fish these side creeks. Maybe Mr Centrepin could confirm. I walked the length of Arabanoo in 2019 (low water level) without a rod and saw a couple of small trout down close to the Christy's junction.

If its your first time fishing or walking in this area  I suspect the Jenolan River might be a slightly easier undertaking. Walking down Breakfast creek will be way easier than anything off Kanangra Walls Road.

Does anyone know how far up the resident trout live up the Jenolan River. I am hoping to walk the full length of this river and wouldn't mind taking a rod. Are there fish above Hellgate gorge?

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Oh yea. I probably should have reminded people all the routes in I mentioned above are not on formed tracks. There are rough bushwalking pads on most of them but you need to be competent off track bushwalking. Also remember that post fire regrowth can make walking less pleasant and much slower. Totally worth it though as it is a magic part of the world.


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I guess the Uni Rover trail would be a way of accessing the Kowmung between Christy's and Morong Deep. It is reasonable easy to follow from the Kanangra Walls Road side (last there 2012ish).  Might be different post fires.  I was under the impression that it was pretty much non existent on the Scotts Main Range side of the River. 

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