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Wave Rider Kingie session


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A bit late but finally have a few minutes to write up our session from last Sunday. Hit the water around 5.00 with a mate and headed to the front of Balmoral to get some live bait. Not too bad, we ended up with 10 nice Yakkas. Time to head out. Decided to go straight past the FAD and drive on to the Wave Rider. GOOD Decision.
Got there and put down a couple of baits, seemed like they were down for maybe a minute and bang, off they went. King fish into the boat, went around 55cm. Nice start. Dropped down another and same result. Nice fish but still undersized. So we decided that maybe we should try some pilies and squid to see if they would work and save the livies for later. They did.
Over the next 3 or 4 hours we lost count of how many King fish came on board. Did not matter what you put down they just smashed it. Pillies, frozen squid, bits of chopper Tailor, bits of old frozen yakkas, soft plastics, even took the old refrozen pilles that we had with us for burly, they must have been ravenous.
Highlight of the session was my mate hoked up on a paternoster rig while his other rod was buckled over in a rod holder and me on another fish. His paternoster came up with 2 Kings attached, I only had one on and his other rod came up with another one, so 4 fish in the boat waiting to go back swimming.
During the session we boated 4 keepers and threw back what we estimated to be up around 50 King fish that ranged in size from just under legal right down to almost live bait size.
I have fished off Sydney for over 25 years and it had to be by far the best session that I have ever enjoyed. All I can say to all you Raiders is if you get a chance get out there and get amongst them. There were a few boats there and all of them were smashing it. One even caught a Dolly, the only one we saw caught that day.
Can't wait for the next session. 🙂

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18 hours ago, zmk1962 said:

The warm water is making it happen for sure. Top report Gordo ... glad you got out there. 

Sam and I were out as well. Probs trolled straight past you - why didn’t you wave??

Cheers Zoran 

Were you down by the wave rider? I was on my mates boat, 7m blue hull cream top. 2 on board as busy as a 1 legged man in a arse kicking contest. 🙂

We are planning on heading out again tomorrow, this time try around Long Reef to see if we can find the Kings. If we dont get much will probably head to the FAD or wave rider to see if the Dolly's have turned up.

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