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Black marlin - Sydney, Wollongong area

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Gday Raiders, 

Recently caught the first black marlin up north but keen to chase them on the south Coast of NSW.. I have read and heard black marlin can be caught off the "Traps" or wollongong reef with the similar technique of live slimys.. 

Has anyone had any luck in the past on inshore reefs on the south coast? or any this season? Is there a rough time annually they start showing up? I have been again staring at ripcharts watching the EAC being pushed in hard recently and the temps are up in the honey spot of around 23 degrees in close.. 

 I know there is a big bite at the moment off Bermagui but that is a bit to far down for me.. Anywhere from Port Hacking down to Wollongong would be ideal. 


Thanks lads!

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same rules apply as anywhere else, keep your ear to the gossip lines and soon as you hear of a bite starting take the day off work-dont wait because most of Sydney is a transient area for beakies and tends not to hold the fish for too long -most years anyway-but around Sydney ive caught beakies in as close as 2 ks off the heads, same off Long Reef and Dee Why, at the Peak which isnt far out either-if you listen to VHF21 enough off Sydney over summer you will hear this all the time "marked a stack of bait in close, but nothing seems to be happening out wide"-dont drive past the fish. We also do well in the 60-70 fathom area from the 12 Mile north, particularly on stripes, thats a bit wider (its whats known as the Bait Station) but on a good day head north early and catch the seabreeze home in the arvo. Not that familiar with the Gong-but further south Kiama has a good ground that runs from Mt Fuji down to The Banks-all fishable in a day trip.

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There's plenty being caught down this way now (well before the wind and swell) the best option is to go and try, don't wait for news, as the water gets warmer, they tend to get closer to shore, there's quite a few caught around the FADS on live baits, as well as bigger Dollies, stay away from the FAD and the crowds and give it a go.

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