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2nd March fishing trip


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2 hours ago, Quintrex4Life said:

Looking for company to come with me on a fishing trip. I have a 4.8M bowrider. Wanna explore the Sutherland shire. Gunnamatta bay maybe? I’m happy to pay the way, just need someone expert at fishing to show me the way!

Get @Yowie to take you out, he has a bung knee at the moment but he is the Hacking expert imo.


Hang on....................................why am I recommending him to you?

Hell I want to go out with Yowie before you I need as much help as I can get in the Hacking to 😁


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You smart arses can go to buggery. I have not been fishing for a month now. My hooks are rusting, frozen bait is getting old, reels seizing from lack of use, hand lines sticking to the hand caster, fuel is losing it octane rating. AND I have to put up with the missus.  :074:

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