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Wednesday at Wiseman’s


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The weather has been so unpredictable with big seas and strong winds I didn’t want to  take a newbie (Ian) out on the harbour and turn his stomach (and off fishing), so we headed up the Hawkesbury in search of Flatties and Jewies. My buddies Steve and Hayden had given me good reports of good fish over the past month, so decided to focus a bit on “still water” till God blesses us with better weather (not complaining as it forces a more inquiring approach to finding fish and pushing the boundaries).

We got a good feed of Flatties and 24 baby soapies and nothing over 65cms, but a good day out.

Ian was stoked to catch so many jewfish (didn’t have the heart to tell him they weren’t weaned yet and we had to give them all back to their mum), but they’ll grow to be bigger in a few years and worth coming back for.




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