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Port Stephens 6/3/21


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G’day Guys, 

Headed out to Port Stephens again yesterday. Launched at Lemon Tree Passage and braved the chop and made it to Shoal Bay to chase some squid to use as bait for Jew.

Unfortunately only managed one smallish green eye squid which we kept for bait. And headed back towards Corlette to fish the wreck.

About halfway back we stopped and cast some metals at busting up schools of fish hoping for some bonnies, but unfortunately they were only small Tailor chasing baitfish. Which we had great fun slugging metals at.

Went to the anchorage to grab some livies and there was nothing but schools of the same tailor busting up. 

on the wreck we struggled to get any bites. The squid was the only fresh caught bait we could manage and that disappeared without any action on the rod. 

All up a disappointing trip but part of the learning I guess. If anybody has any tips to get us onto some fish I would be all ears. Thinking we are on the right track and it’s just a matter of the stars aligning and getting the baits!

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At the moment it’s hard chasing Jew in the bay due to all the fresh water that’s pushing down from the back of the system. The incoming high is probably the best time when it coincides with a low light period. Slimies and yakkas for live bait are the way to go, as that is the bait that is current in the area. You could also try middle island or the Steps at fame cove. Patience is the key with Jew. Spent many hours just sitting there but one scream of a reel can change your day! Next time your in the bay, it will pay to float a livie under a balloon float too, as the longtail have turned up! 
Hope that helps! 

cheers scratchie!!! 

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Great report Rummers, keep at it mate, it took me 10 Years to work out the kingfish keys, it will happen if you keep at it. With locals like Scratchie to give us all counsel it makes a big difference - “ Seek guidance before you wage war; in the abundance of advisors there is success” Provebs 24:6

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