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Trifecta as the water levels drop...

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I have been really busy lately and unable to go fishing. I had not even been near to the river to see that the water levels had dropped by about a metre. Thursday was looking good to squeeze in a half days fishing. So I headed out before sun up, to find there was ample water at the ramp, to be able to launch the tinny. It was still dark when I launched and headed cautiously upstream. The plan was to spend some time, in the low light conditions, chucking surface lures around for Murray Cod. Before doing so I put the shrimp net in as a back up plan should the lure fishing be unproductive, which it proved to be. Dawn broke to a cold, windy, overcast day but on the plus side the water clarity was good and the temp was around 21c. An hour of casting lures for zilch convinced me to adopt plan B. I gathered some shrimps from the shrimp net and put them in the aerator, returning the shrimp net to the water for further collection.

The poor water flow presented a few problems locating some potentially good areas, so it was a bit of pot luck. I tried several likely places with the shrimp on a paternoster rig and the cheese on a running sinker rig. Nothing at all for a few hours, fishing the fallen trees so I decided to try the reed beds. The shrimp hide in these areas and fish often cruise up and down trying to ambush them. The plan worked and I had a good hit on the cheese rod which produced a nice Murray Cod of 60 cms. Still nothing on the shrimp so I checked the bait and a couple of the shrimp had been taken. I replaced them with a couple of bigger shrimp and cast back in adjacent to the reed bed. The day was still overcast and there was a few spots of rain but nothing to worry about. Still nothing for a while but I was confident that the plan would produce...and it did. Firstly I caught a Trout Cod of about 25cms on the shrimps alongside the reed bed. It was a perfect specimen, in superb condition. Soon after the rod buckled over and a legal sized Yellowbelly came on board. Unusual to catch 3 different species as the ONLY catches of the day. All fish were returned to grow bigger. After 5 hours I headed back to the ramp, just in time to catch a decent shower. I met an old guy at the ramp and we got talking. He didn't have much of an idea about the potential of the river. I enjoyed giving him some useful tips to try, and enthused him to get off the lounge and head out in his boat. Thanks for reading, bn


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Thanks for all the comments guys. I thought we may "dodge the bullet" by missing out on all the rain which has battered the coastal regions. Not this time. 2 days of non stop rain (nothing compared to other areas) means that the river will be the colour of chocolate for a while. It should settle down again as we head into the late Autumn / Winter period that produces fewer fish, but bigger fish.


I have been fortunate to have met some fantastic people on Fishraider, and also learned from ones who I have yet to meet. They all know who they are. I have learned so much from them and know the benefits of SHARING experience when the opportunity presents. It would be lovely to see the guy on the river. I regret that I didn't offer to take him fishing with me, an opportunity missed. 


Thanks for your kind words. It is very unusual to catch those 3 species in a session, unless they form part of a massive number of fish caught in a session. A really good point, and one shared by many of my fishing mates, is that NO CARP were caught. Most of us can't recall when we last caught one in the river. This has to indicate fewer numbers of Carp (for whatever reason)??? 

It's really beneficial to see the snags when the water is both low and high. You can ascertain where the Cod will be...half the battle when chasing them. The other half is harder...getting them to bite!


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Whilst rain is essential for our very survival, it's heart breaking to see so much devastation caused by these recent events. I have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to head back to Sydney and then venture North to Nambucca, where unfinished business awaits Dirvin21 and I. I'm sure that, in time, conditions will return to "normal" and hopefully allow me to set off on another adventure. In the meantime I hope that you all stay safe and unscathed by the current events (no pun intended).


Cheers, bn


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6 hours ago, dirvin21 said:

Good stuff Neil, gotta love variety...

I can see me taking a trip down your way 

That would be great Dave. Pls keep me advised on conditions up your way. If it improves enough I may venture to NH for a session on the Bass?? and Mangrove Jacks/Trevally/ Bream/ Flatties. Cheers, Neil

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