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Surface action aplenty!!


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Long time stalker, first time reporting. 
Hi guys, John here.

Head out the front of Botany Bay in search of a red or two but we were met with a 5-6km north south current and quickly gave up as we couldn’t get to the bottom in 40m of water. 
Returned into the bay for a small mixed bag until daylight broke.

Trolled the headlands for 1 x salmon, 4 x bonnies, 7 x tailor and 10 x spotted macs. 

Home and hosed by 9am so not a bad fun little morning. 


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3 hours ago, motiondave said:

impressive, so whats the water quality like in the bay currently though, even though you were outside the heads 

water is not too bad ,  went out  yesterday caught a few bream , low tide mosman  was a bit brown but plenty  of fish about 


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34 minutes ago, PaddyT said:
17 minutes ago, Pickles said:

Welcome JP2- great report and really good catch - hope you salted some down some for baits.

Thanks  guys, all frigates are salted. Salmon and tailor are now smoked and in the fridge.

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