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Illawarra Jewfish session


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Decided to hit one of the local beaches for a Jewfish session. Chasing these fish hasn't been easy for me, many fishless nights but last night paid off and all the hard work was worth it. 

Started the night collecting fresh Yakkas and aimed to be at the beach by 9:30pm to fish up to the high tide at 11:45pm. Arrived at the beach and we had it all to ourselves and the conditions were perfect! set the two out fits  - Penn Slammer 9500 spooled with 40lb mono 60lb leader - 12 foot Penn rod & a Penn spinnfisher 8500 spooled with 20lb mono and 30lb leader both snell rigged. I use the 40lb outfit for larger baits. 

10:45pm the 20lb outfit goes off was running a yakka fillet and I was stocked to land my first silver slab measuring 84cm, not a giant but I am very happy with it. 

11:15pm the 40lb outfit goes off with a whole yakka, rod dragging across the sand........ ended up with another Jew and released it to fight another day. 

what a night! now i get to feed the family on good Friday with some fresh Jew!  


jew 1.jpg


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1 hour ago, noelm said:

Saw a light on the beach in front of my place last night, wonder if it was you? Not trying to get your location, just an observation.

I wish mate would love to get them close to home. I was north of Wollongong

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